Monday, November 7, 2011

TARTE Eyeshadow pallets

Hello! Well about two weeks ago I received a coupon from ULTA in the mail for their friends and family sale and I wasn't to sure about using it because I need to stop buying make up for a's an expensive habit..(oops) So I went a day before the coupon expired and I was looking around and I thought about getting the Naked pallet that everyone but me owns haha but I walked to the TARTE section and I found a deal I couldn't pass on. Three eyeshadow pallets, a lip gloss and a small purse for $48.00 minus the %20 (about 12.50) yea..pretty good deal. Each pallet comes with 6 eye shadows and a powder. Like so..
This pallet is called "A Walk In The Park" it has beautiful colors..these are the types of colors I use on a daily basis, and it comes with a bronzer.
This pallet is called "Nine To Five" and it has really nice neutral, light colors perfect for everyday, work or school, and it comes with a blush.
This pallet is called "Girl's Night Out" and it's my favorite!! I love smokey eyes and this pallet has gorgeous colors that I can not wait to try :) and this one comes with a beautiful highlighter.
The lip gloss (which I forgot to take a picture of) is a nice color..its pretty nude but not to is very thick and sticky and I do not like those types of lip glosses at ALL! These eye shadows are very pigmented and I find them easy to work with. I am glad that I found them and maybe my next purchase can be the UD Naked pallet :)
Just wanted to share this with you ladies I hope you all like.
Have a great day
xoxo Karen,

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