Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Maybelline FIT Me MATTE+PORELESS foundation| Review

Number of colors:16
Price I Paid: $8.99 ea
My Color 228 Soft Tan

Who else got excited when you saw this foundation at your local store? I know I did!!!
The only reason why I got so excited is because it is a new formula MATTE+PORELESS!
So a few years back I tried the original formula, i might even have a post talking about it, and honestly it was one of the worse foundations I have ever tried from the drugstore, (and I have tried many). I decided to try this one because I thought "why would they lie by saying its MATTE" so I got it along with the powder and I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, and let me tell you I have NOT used anything else since! This foundation comes in 16 different colors which I think is a nice color selection. It has no scent! As I was looking for my color I saw a few WARM TONES and got very excited because thats always my struggle. Usually foundations look ashy or orange on me, but not having that problem with this one :) I chose 228 Soft Tan and it matches my skin perfect. The CONSISTENCY is RUNNY but don't let that fool you, it covers very well and looks good even if you need to layer it. It gives you enough time to blend it before it starts to set and one set it looks really smooth and matte. I have used this with a primer and without one and it still looks great, but I have set it with the UD ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY and it works wonders!My pores appear smaller but are not completely gone, which is not a huge deal for me because my pores are not HUGE to begin with, my skin looks good with this foundation, it doesn't look dry at all and is not cakey. Its very light weight and I can't feel it on my skin, I don't feel like it transfers much either and thats a plus. To me this foundation wears for a good amount of time before I notice any spots wearing off. Probably within 4 hrs I see a bit of it wearing off on my nose area which is were all my foundations wear off first, but with a little powder it looks great again. I don't ever re-apply foundation during the day, I touch up with powder in rare occasions if needed, which brings me to talk about the FIT ME POWDER a bit. It comes in 8 different shades including a translucent one which I should've went with since I ended up buying a color that is a shade or 2 lighter than my skin. Surprisingly though, its not a big deal because the powder is very light (as in it feels light) powder and the color doesn't seem to change how the foundation looks on me. I apply it with a big flluffy powder brush and I just press it lightly onto my skin to set everything. This powder doesn't look cakey even if I apply it to touch up throughout the day (if needed) but I don't find myself needing to touch up. When touching it with my fingers it feels very smooth and silky which I love, specially because when I go over it with my brush the powder is not flying all over the place. Its not messy. I made a video where I show how I apply it and its now in my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! or you can click here to watch!
I hope I didn't leave anything out, I just love this foundation, leave a comment below to tell me your thoughts ;)
Have a blessed day.

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  1. Hi Karen its my perfect shade too. Have you try any other shade? I not getting 228 so what other shade you will recommend?