Tuesday, December 13, 2016

revamp your wardrobe! DIY

I am always looking for ideas to switch up my wardrobe..so I was looking on pinterest as always to get inspiration to do something with staples like a black tee shirt and basic black leggings that I get in every color from Forever 21 for under $4 so I found the perfect ideas and I recreated them.
I love how it turned out. I hope you do as well ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DIY Makeup storage + brush holder for under $10

I love me some DIY organizers and really anything..I do have to be in the mood because thats when I get creative and things turn out cute. Even though I know I will change a few things up before I am completely in love with what I have created I thought I'd share this cute ideas to organize your vanity. So we all have seen those really expensive acrylic organizers and even some inexpensive ones, well how bout making them ourselves for way less money?!
yes!!! the dollar store is a life saver. I went not expecting to find these contains but I did! and I found lipstick holders too,which Ive never paid less than $7 for. I was able to get a few other things and left the store paying less than $10 Heres some pictures but if you want to see the process and results click on the video ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Have you heard of "Jamsu"?

Recently I was browsing through the YouTube home page and I came across some videos which title was underwater foundation something...and I thought this might be a Pinterest hack so I went on there and after browsing through many posts I finally found an article from Cosmopolitan which talked about this weird trend in Korea. Its is called Jamsu. This is when you apply your make up and submerge your face in a bowl of water to set it and achieve a "flawless" look. Well Im always up for trying new things and being that this is something I had never heard of and never crossed my mind I wanted to try it and see it it works or if its all hype.
Not only did I try it but I paid attention to how my makeup looks through out my day and checked for anything different from when I apply my make up and set it the regular way...
Check out my video on how to do this. The results are fantastic ;)