Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY: Nail Polish Rack

Hello :) So last week I made this nail polish rack, it takes awhile to make and patience but it is worth it. It was very cheap to make. Here is what I used
-hot glue gun ($2.39 at walmart)
-glue sticks ($1.17 at WalMart)
-Exacto Knife ($2.47 walmart)
-3 foam boards ($1 each Dollar Tree)
total cost $9.03 :)
So here's what I did
On the 1st board draw a horizontal line every 5 inches, this will be the back on the rack
On the 2nd board cut 7 TWO inch strips (horizontal) (these will be your shelves)
 then cut 7 ONE inch strips ( horizontal) which will prevent your nail polishes from sliding off the shelves

Finally on the 3rd board cut TWO  2 1/2 inch strips which will be the sides of your rack.
I glued the 2 inch strips on my 1st board which had the 5 inch spacing :)
then I glued the 1 inch strips on the edge of the 2 inch strips to close them and prevent my nail polishes from sliding off the shelves. Last, I Glued the 2 1/2 inch strips on the sides of the rack to make a box and keep my polishes in place and here is the result :)
I hope I explained well, I would've liked to make this black but I didn't find enough black foam boards :(. And you can also decorate it with pattern tape or animal print one it would look great ;)
I hope you enjoyed this post, have a wonderful day
xoxo Karen,

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  1. That's a nice display case. I'm looking for one and yours gave me a good idea of how to make what I need. Thanks