Thursday, January 19, 2012

OMG! I'm at almost 100 followers!! yey

helloooo lovelies. So I am at almost 100 followers, and that is a lot to ME being that I don't update my blog as often and I haven't been able to post content I'd like, but I am going to try my best to make my blog more fun ;) and I am at 97 followers and this month completes my 1st year of blogging. Time went by crazy fast!!!!! So I will have a GIVEAWAY within a week or two to celebrate this :D I hope a lot of you enter it when is up. So I am going to buy a couple more things so I can have a nice GIVEAWAY. Thank you so much to all you who have followed me and like my blog. I love you all!!!! hugs and kisses, and check back soon for my GIVEAWAY post ;)
have a wonderful day
xoxo Karen,

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