Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation!!!

Hello everyone ;) so a few days ago I stopped by the local Target and I saw a few new makeup displays and when I see new I get excited lol. So I love maybelline and I saw a new foundation they came out with which is the Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. I couple of weeks ago I saw the new mousse foundation from Revlon but honestly I hear people say you can see small shimmers in that foundation and I really dislike that so I gave the maybelline foundation a try. I paid $8.99 for it and the shade I chose is #265 Sun beige which at first I wasn't sure if I should get because since its a metal container you can't see the actual product. Well I am glad I chose that shade because it matched me perfectly and that comes as a surprise because it's hard to find a drugstore foundation that matches my skin that good, I have a lot of yellow undertones. I applied this foundation using the ELF powder brush, which is the flat top one, and it was the best choice. That brush allowed me to blend the foundation onto my skin really well. the foundation is super easy to work with and it's really cool because it's a mousse. It gives a nice natural finish, not to matte or dewy which I like because I m not a big fan of dewy foundations. The weather definitely allows me to use different foundations because during summer time I have to stick to the Revlon Color Stay for a good matte finish and because it is long lasting. The Dream Nude Airfoam foundation lasted a good 8 hrs on my skin, I didn't touch up with powder throughout the day, which I was surprised about that but it's a plus.
Before applying this foundation I made sure to exfoliate my face because flakiness would look horrible specially with this type of foundation. I also don't have acne scars (or acne)and I also don't have many blemishes to cover. this foundation is light and great for everyday use...(so far) it feels like it. My skin is not sensitive so I highly doubt this would make me break out, but I will update for any changes :)I feel as if it does a good job at evening out my skin tone and helping my skin look healthy. I hope my initial thoughts don't change, but for now I think this will be my every day foundation. Have you tried it?
Don't forget to check my new video where I talk a bit about it and also show how I applied it.

xoxo Karen,

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