Thursday, July 23, 2015

I graduated!

I am extremely happy. In January 21st 2014 I started a new journey in my life going to cosmetology school! and as hard as it was at times because of babysitter situation, I made it! I graduated on July 18th 2015! and not only that but I was determined to get my license right away, and so I scheduled my practical exam 3 days later and today I passed my exam and I am now officially a licensed cosmetologist. I graduated 6 months before my actual graduation date. The last two and a half months were the toughest doing 48 hrs weekly and being away from my kids but God had a plan and he made this possible. I am forever thankful to him and my family for believing in me and helping out as much as they could. So now I am able to make videos and post more on my blog! yes

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