Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Obsession...Pink lipsticks

I recently noticed that for the past month I've been really into pink lipsticks, I'm surprised because I used to stay away from them but obviously not anymore.
Here's my pink lipsticks :)
from left to right NYX Tea Rose, NYX Thalia, NYX Paris, Wet n' Wild 901B, Rimmel pink Blush
From left to right Revlon Primrose, ELF Classy, Maybelline Pink Me Up, Rimmel Rose Blush, ELF Nearly Nude, F21 Pink

And now I also have 3 favorite pink lip glosses, which I always use on top of any of these lipsticks
From left to right Cover Girl Tickled Pink, Cover Girl Pink positive, Bonne Bell Strawberry Parfait. 
I love this lip glosses, they really make a difference when I apply any pink lipstick.
And I almost left out another favorite lipstick. Its a MAC lipstick in the color  Modesty...beautiful color. Is like a perfect nude pink..love it.
Whats your favorite pink lipstick? Let me know because I would like to try new ones :)
Have a nice day



  1. I love Tea Rose, and I will have to grab Strawberry Parfait, it looks yummy!

  2. Yes its soo pretty :)
    And strawberry parfait makes me wanna eat it because it smells so good and the color is really nice