Thursday, August 25, 2011


for awhile now I've been thinking of making youtube videos and finally I did one!
so here it goes :)


  1. Hola girl.... so happy to see Im not the only one that just did her first makeup did great and better focus than mine LOL so glad I bummed into your blog... you have nice posts I'll be tagging along : )

    Te invito a mi Blog hope you follow too !! Cya there !

  2. Muchas gracias girly. I followed back.
    Whats your youtube channel? I would love to check it out :)

  3. Your nails are so cool! and your eyelashes are so long! i love this :]
    i think we should follow eachother ^o^


    Hi Karen, check my video and please tell me honestly what you think... It was too my first haven't really let anyone know yet.... it took me a while to get help to edit... but I would love any feedback....
    Gracias , aquí espero tu respuesta

  5. @Tiasaurausrex thanks hun. For sure. Followed back

  6. Lizbeth i subscribed to your channel. I think you did good :) looking forward to your next video.

  7. Hola Karen,.... girl you got pretty good videos.... You should be super proud.... I am still a bit undecided on how to best do mine...yet... I was looking for your YOU Tube Chanel so I can subscribe to you..but can't find you mija...

    Let me know

    hope all is well...

  8. Thank you. The first two i also did with my flip but then realized my other camera looked somewhat better. Thank you :) i appreciate the feedback. Its defenitely tricky to do videos but we'll get there. ;)
    Heres the link to my channel