Saturday, September 10, 2011

Neutral eyes, Red lips

Red lipsticks are gorgeous, but like always I get intimidated by them, and I have two under all my lipsticks and everytime I see them I want to use them but end up not doing so. Well, I was a little bored and decided I would play with make up and try a look that would make me feel comfortable enough to use a nice red lipstick. So here it is. I used a color from Maybelline that is discontinued :( it is called RoseBerry and its a nice dark red.
On my eyes I used two eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara, I went very light on my cheeks and just used NYC sunny bronzer.I hope you enjoy my very short video.


  1. Great job girl ! Me encanta que tienes various videos...yo todavia estoy trabajando en eso LOL : )

    best of luck !

  2. thank you :) im waiting on a new camera to make more videos :p pues ojala pronto tengas otro video i wanna see :)

  3. this look is gorgeous, LOVE IT, your gorgeous! I am your newest follower, can`t wait to see what else ya got! (:

    <3 Dollie.

  4. thanks girlie.
    followed right back ;)