Friday, September 16, 2011

Rare Exotic Lipstick!!

MAC has a new collection...Posh Paradise..and I had to get two lipsticks. I wish I was able to post more pictures but I am having bad luck. My new camera came in and the next day my computer messed up!!! :( so I am posting this thru my phone. I just wanted to share a picture showing my new favorite lipstick!!! :) "Rare Exotic" I will soon show lipstick #2 its "different" but I like it a lot. bye for now
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  1. I havent scene these in person yet I need to stop by a mac counter asap but this one looks very pretty on you!

  2. this looks so pretty! i love it :]

  3. Absolutly beautifull!
    You look amazing!
    Congrats on the blog, just found it!