Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Im so inlove!

I love september!! this month is so special to me because September 24th is my daughters bday... so it just passed (last saturday) and we had a princess theme party for her and she loved it :) she is now 3 yrs old!!! time sure flies and I wish it could slow down. I am so inlove with my baby girl words cant explain. Just wanted to share this on my blog :)
Have an awesome day ;)
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  1. She is sooooooooooo cute :) I hope you both had a great day! x

  2. OMG how cute!! 3 years goes by fast huh? my son tired 1 on Sept. 16th :)

  3. Thank you ladies :) it was a special day for sure.

    awww the 1st bday. The years definitely fly by

  4. good to meet a fellow mommy blogger! you look so young... so at first, i wasn't sure if you this pretty little girl was yours. love your makeup tips, and love your blog. i am your newest follower, and hope we can totally stay connected! cheers!

  5. thank you so much for following my blog:)