Monday, February 7, 2011

Coastal Scents brushes

I ordered this 6 brushes from COASTAL SCENTS this weekend and received them today :] and only one of them really satisfied me...sad...I will not give a whole review on them but I will post a few words to describe them...this is my opinion
This is my favorite brush out of the 6..It is soft and blends really well. Its my new favorite blending brush, and it was only like $4.95

A really tiny brush but applies eyeshadow well...I used it for applying eyeshadow to my bottom lash-line

This brush it supposed to be a blending brush...but its to big to use for my eyes so I might just use this to highlight my face. I liked it, its soft and fluffy :]

I really hope to chose better brushes next time, but I will definitely find a use for all of the brushes I purchased.
Which are your favorite Coastal Scents brushes? :]


  1. I bought a whole travel kit of Coastal Scents brushes over the summer. I don't really like them. They are not as soft and good as they should be for the price. I think this time I will do it right. Save up my money to buy Sigma Brushes before they get even more expensive. My sister has the face brushes and they are so soft and worth the money. :)

  2. Thats exactly what i plan on doing. I shouldve just bought the sigma brushes. I will just get those next time. I know i will be satisfied with those.